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Welcome to People Technology Process, a dynamic boutique consulting firm based in North Carolina. With a sharp focus on the trifecta of People, Technology, and Process, we're dedicated to driving transformative change in businesses of all sizes. Our passion lies in harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance processes, while also nurturing the potential of your greatest asset – your people.

At PTP, we specialize in process improvement, leveraging innovative technological solutions to streamline operations, boost efficiency, team and individual coaching, and elevate overall performance. Our small yet highly skilled team combines extensive industry expertise with a personalized touch, crafting tailored strategies that cater to your unique needs. We take pride in fostering collaborative partnerships and guiding you through every step of the journey towards operational excellence.

Whether you're seeking to optimize workflows, implement game-changing technologies, or empower your workforce, PTP is your trusted partner on this transformative path. Join us in shaping a brighter future for your business through the perfect synergy of People, Technology, and Process.

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Additional  Services


Individual Coaching

Are you ready to advance your skill set? To see the business world from a broader vision. At  PTP we are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, and overcome obstacles. Our coaching services are designed to empower you, inspire growth, and drive meaningful change.  


Team Coaching and Motivation 

In today's competitive business landscape, a high-performing team is the cornerstone of success. At PTP, we understand the pivotal role that cohesive, motivated, and empowered teams play in achieving organizational goals. That's why we offer specialized Team Coaching services designed to transform your team into a powerhouse of collaboration, and innovation.


Project Management

At PTP we focus on project management and realize that quite often successful project management can be the difference between realizing your organization's strategic goals and missing key objectives. At PTP, we provide comprehensive and efficient Project Management services that allow you and your team to navigate the complexities of any project, from inception to completion. 

Consulting Reviews

Straight from the Source

This firm has the best business practices with strong pragmatic local knowledge.They helped us achieve significant improvement in financial performance, process optimization and overall strategy engagement. 

Timothy Jones V.P. of Operations, Seapartners Global

Excellent support throughout the process with complete dedication to our team. Total visionaries with flawless project execution.

Michael Cane, Capital Partners

The People Technology Process Team understood our needs and were knowledgeable with our industry standards. 

They provided value from day one.

John Calins, Myspace Solutions 

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